6 STAGES OF LAUNCHING How to Launch (& Relaunch) Online

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Jun 12, 20191h 11m
6 STAGES OF LAUNCHING How to Launch (& Relaunch) Online
Jun 121h 11m
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💜 6 Stages of Launches 🚀 ⁣
#Mission6 Training ⁣
Live from The Social Society EXMOUTH WA 📍 ☕️ ⁣

☀️ RELAUNCHING MINDSET SHIFTS - essential mindset shifts I made for successfully relaunching #MeBrandMethod + #SocialMediaNutcracking ⁣

☀️ SUPER HIGH SUPER LOW - the frameworks I use for super high offers vs super low offers ⁣

🚀 1: PREP how I prep for an online launch Things not to do, things I always do ⁣

🚀 2: PLAN how I plan my launches while I’m running my launches ⁣

🚀 3: PIMP how I pimp out my launches + a weird dip that happens in the pimp stage and what I do about it ⁣

🚀 4: PROFIT the accumulation and compound effect of streaming substance and serving during launch, and how it pays off in this stage ⁣

🚀 5: PUBLISH how I use this stage of launching to increase results of my next launches. The #1 thing I do in publish stage - that blows the minds of those who bought and increases my longterm results ⁣

🚀 6: RELAUNCHES REFLECT REACH the mathematical stats that help you get outta your head on a shitty relaunch ⁣

This was epic. Hope you enjoy ⁣

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