What You Need to Know About Long-Term Family Travel

Episode of: Big Dreams. Bold Moves.

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Jun 26, 201933m
What You Need to Know About Long-Term Family Travel
Jun 2633m
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Does your family’s big dream look more nomadic? Are you exploring the ways your family might be able to travel for an extended period of time? If so, this is your episode!

In this episode, we are speaking with Brandon Pearce from the Family Adventure Academy. Brandon is a successful 4 hour work week entrepreneur and has been traveling with his family for 10 years now! He is going to share with us how they got started, 3 key things that they learned on their journey and EXACTLY how you can get the tools, information and support that you need to make your own bold, long-term travel moves.

Go to the SHOW NOTES for more details the Family Adventure Academy and Brandon's family blog.

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