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Jan 19, 20191h 32m
Supernatural News/Parashare
Jan 19 '191h 32m
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BEYOND the DARKNESS dives deep into strange with Supernatural News/ParaShare Saturday! Today we report on a touching Ghost visitation, a Time Traveling Dictator, a Deadly Paranormal Encounter & More! Listeners Share their real encounters with the supernatural in emails and phone calls! Share YOUR experiences with our Voices from Beyond at 651-300-4977 Support our sponsors for great deals! FigLeaf provides maximum privacy with minimal effort. FigLeaf is an all-in-one solution to ensure total online privacy. Everything you need to stay private. In one app. TRUE CASH from TRUECAR is something you need to check out for yourself. It has never been easier or faster to get a TRUE VALUE on your car and you can do it from the comfort of home at

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