Beyond the 3D

Beyond the 3D

Published by: Michael J. Russ
88 Episodes | First Released: Aug 30 '14
You are the sovereign ruler of your mind, body, and spirit, which gives you complete control over your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. If you are not claiming the magnificence of your sovereignty, you might be giving it away. Your feelings will always let you know. Want to take greater control of your feelings & personal power? Listen to this podcast!
Aug 4 '08
Rating:   10
Excellent Insight

This was a very enjoyable podcast on the importance of many things in life that we take for granted...mostly our negative self-talk. I appreciate Michael's experience and insight with the various life situations that tend to drain us, derail our progress and make us suffer mentally and even physically. The more we can understand the value in positive self-talk, the more it can drastically improve our lives in many different ways.

We are what we think, and we think what we say to ourselves...

Great podcast, highly recommended!

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