#14 Be The Trigger-Point Behind Your Goals with Mari A. Hole

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Dec 16, 201453m
#14 Be The Trigger-Point Behind Your Goals with Mari A. Hole
Dec 16 '1453m
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#14 Be The Trigger-Point Behind Your Goals with Mari A. Hole Athlete Case Study: Norwegian Pro & National Team Volleyball Player _________________________________________________ Dec 16, 2014 Getting to know Mari a bit over the last couple weeks has been nothing short of inspiring & educational. When we chatted about the need to get our stories out to athletes trying to do what we do or just to add value in some way she was on board immediately. There's something that always sticks out about selfless people (AKA unselfish).. With Mari before we'd agreed on a time to do the podcast she'd done her research & found out I help kids get to school in the USA & Canada... She asked about it and we started working on it even before the podcast... now her brother is getting some more interest from schools which is exciting. Mari did a lot of hours of work to track down school's info for her brother who is busy with school and volley. SELFLESS I tell you... amazing of her. Imagine you write 20 people and tell them you've got a project to help others & you'd like their help (Read: TIME & EFFORT)... Welp, usually about half the people write back and only half of those might actually do something about it. This time it was even less...Well, Mari was one of those I wrote during the launch of Beyond Athletic a few weeks back and she was one of the 1st two responses and the 2nd person to schedule a time to record! I remind you she's in the middle of a time of year where they are playing sometimes 2 matches per week and traveling intercontinentally! Some people make reasons to help others... not why they can't. So grateful for Mari doing this... BIO Born, Mari Aase Hole, in Miritz, Switzerland on August 3rd, 1990. Moved to Olso, Norway to start school. She has a young sister and brother. She was raised to participate in many actives like hiking, skiing, soccer, volleyball, biking, etc. She played soccer mainly until high school when volleyball took over.. She won/accomplished just about everything possible in volleyball at the highest level, by the end of high school, in Norway and chose to attend UCLA in the USA where she played for 2 years and then moved to Ohio State University for her final two years of college eligibility becoming an AVCA All American! Her first pro team was in 2013-14 in Istres, France, where she was the Best Scorer & Attacker of the LNV PRO-A league! (French Top Division) .Now she plays volleyball for Team Norway and pro for the Bezier Angels in France. MOST GRATEFUL FOR: Family! PERSONAL QUOTE: "Selv i motbakker vokser det blomster" Translation: "Even in the hills the flowers are growing" MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN HER LIFE: Her first coach.. who happens to be her mother also! :) Key Discussion Points: What’s her story and how she got into sports? What is her biggest fear? What has she learned from her life until now? What was her biggest obstacle? Why was it important that she go to a school in the USA? What is she most excited about?

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