Best of House Music

Best of House Music

Published by: christian
3 Episodes | First Released: May 29 '12
Extremely uplifting funky house music, from vocal house to banging dance toonz! Get 80-minute mixes packed with 18-20 uplifting tracks and start dancing now! This is not yet another boring podcast, please subscribe and share with your friends! Tracklistings? Visit Best of House Music on Facebook (see below)!
Nov 3 '08
Rating:   10
Keep Them Coming

Glad to see you are back on track Christian!! You should not take as long in-between sets.... perfecting them or not, we need more regular belters such as this from you. For those of you who are unfamiliar with "The World is my House" then you have just managed to land on the best podcast for funky house. Fun, Funky and Fashionable is the only way to describe these wicked sets... uplifting from start to finish leaving you wanting more...more...more. Keep them coming mate!!!!

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Jan 13 '08
Rating:   2
2 Bad

Thought it would be a lot better. I liked your halloween mix a lot better! Better luck next time!

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