#109 - Paleo vs Bodybuilding with Nate Miyaki

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Oct 30, 201436m
#109 - Paleo vs Bodybuilding with Nate Miyaki
Oct 30 '1436m
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Nake Miyaki is this weeks special guest as we discuss the many areas of health, performance and bodybuilding that are hotly debated. We discuss Nate's work and history in the industry, his methods as a coach, what he thinks of the 80/20 rule, the importance of calorie and macronutrient targets, losing strength while dieting, is there such a thing as a bad carb, benefits of flexible dieting, low carb dieting and whether it's necessary, and whether paleo nutrition and bodybuilding nutrition should be seperate camps, or can we learn ideas and prinicpals from both for better results.  Check Nate out here: http://natemiyaki.com/  Check me out here: http://bencoomber.com/  

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