Jul 8, 201431m
Everyday Uplifting You
Jul 8 '1431m
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About The Author Bestselling Author | Speaker Val Newton Knowles was born in the beautiful island of Nassau, in the Bahamas. She is passionate about helping people. Val's new book, "Everyday Uplifting you," is now available. Val started writing daily nuggets to encourage an aunt who had been going through some challenges, the book was such a blessing, that she decided to make it available as an encouragement for others. Val seeks to uplift, motivate and encourage others to be the best they can and never allow failure to cause them to give up. About The Book Everyday Uplifting you, is a book filled with daily nuggets to jump-start your day. After watching an aunt broken due to the many obstacles she had been facing, Val decided to do something special for her and started writing nuggets for each day to show her aunt how much she is loved and remind her of the blessing that she is. The book is designed to bless, motivate, uplift and challenge you with powerful nuggets to empower you from the inside out. #EveryDayUpliftingYou 

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