Must-haves for the Chinese (part 1)

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Aug 25, 20190m
Must-haves for the Chinese (part 1)
Aug 25 '190m
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For us Chinese people, no matter where we live, be it the North Pole or smack on the Equator, there are certain things that we simply must have, maybe not right away if they are not readily available, but these items will slowly creep back into our lives. What are they and why are they so essential? Here is a sneaky peek: Plastic basins. As ugly as they look, these are part of our lives. You will find them in our bathrooms, not just one or two, but a whole stack of various appalling colors. The butcher knives with a flat cutting edge. Yep, don't mess with a Chinese cook, our knives can hack anything to pieces, slice right through the bone like feathers. The electrical heating blankets. When winter comes around, most people living in Southern China will choose these babies over their spouses in bed, not joking at all. Click "Play" and let us show you the rest!

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