Becoming Reborn: Ice Project

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May 10, 201943m | se1 : e5
Becoming Reborn: Ice Project
May 10 '1943m | se1e5
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Isaac John is a former NRL player who started a clothing brand with his two best Corey Norman and James (Chicko) Segeyaro. 

His ability to articulate his content through his social media platforms since his Started YKTR has been a large reason of his clothing brands huge success. 

On top of his brilliance of communicating his information so that the "average joe" can understand the message he is sending is something that has people generally gravitating towards him and his generosity of willing he is to help out anyone who engages with him truly sets him apart from his competitors. 

Listen to the Kiwi Gary vee and you'll be a fan within seconds..

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