#realmumtalk You are not defined by your birth

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Feb 18, 201941m | se1 : e7
#realmumtalk You are not defined by your birth
Feb 18 '1941m | se1e7
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Jo Anderson is a food, brand and lifestyle photographer (one of the best if you ask me!) who just happens to be a really great friend of mine. A mother of two herself, Jo is someone who has been there from the start of my fertility journey and someone who has always been such a beautiful shining light in my life. She exudes a warmth and wisdom that makes everyone she comes into contact with want to be her friend! And after listening to this episode, I am sure you will agree! We talk about such an important topic - you are not defined by your birth - and managing all of those expectations we can tend to feel as a new mum.

In this episode we cover:

(2:30) we discuss the collective pressure women feel to have a 'natural' birth and managing those expectations

(4:00) Jo's 4 day labour with her first child Marley and why she thought she couldn't ask for pain relief

(9:45) why having a private midwife made all the difference to her first birth

(16:22) assigning a new meaning to your birth - from 'failing' to 'birthing like a boss'

(18:10) the completely different experience of birthing her second daughter Summer

(24:00) being honest about not 'loving' motherhood and the disconnection Jo felt for the first 12 months of Marley's life and how that has now changed

(31:46) do what makes life easier for you, not necessarily what the experts say

(33:30) fitting in 'me' time as a mum and how this one simple change has made all the difference

(37:00) finding the divine feminine within and reconnecting with your husband
++ a whole lot more!

You can find Jo here:

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