012: Being Present and in the Moment

Episode of: Be The Change

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May 30, 201921m
012: Being Present and in the Moment
May 30 '1921m
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What does it mean to live in the present moment? When we spend a lot of time worried about the future or concerned with the past, we take ourselves into total overwhelm and our thoughts go wild. We feel the over-thinker in us taking over and our anxiety raising. The more that we can learn to bring ourselves to the present moment, the more peace we can find. Our brains over the years have been programmed for chaos in most people's lives. Our thoughts are programmed in us just as our physical movements are. So to reprogram our brains, we have to work HARD. We basically need to re-learn how to walk again… It takes practice, patience, and a little perseverance. But it is possible with the right tools and mind set! Tune in and listen to how I’ve learned to be more present in my life.

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