Dec 8, 20161h 30m
Show 13- Get Lucky
Dec 8 '161h 30m
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Show 13 - BDU Scott Lang Leadership Bands of America Summer Symposium BDU Drinking Game Suggestions welcomed, preliminary rules: drink every time Grant curses, Finish your drink at the mention of Steve Davis Ted Talk about ted talks Midwest/midwasted: schedule Jimmy Tango’s fat busters Midwest on the Cheap CTA Pass “Nomadic Matt” travel blog Band Director Basic [uniform]... Or tone deaf Band director dissection Places to Check out In Chicago: Double Door Green Mill China Town The Velvet Hour Sportsman’s Club Lone Wolf Chicago Athletic Association RC Cola, why it is all over Chicago... Podcasting for real, muthafucka: How to play the game: List a Wind band composer and one composition No repeats Last one standing wins Conducting Masterclass Some shit John Mackey tweeted… Twitter? Grant Reach us at Next Time: Band Director Basic [uniform] All-state auditions Coregami Dress Shirt Hosting a festival Festival feedback Most pretentious program note “Maestro club”

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