Baby Sleep 911, Help! Crib to Bed Transition

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May 6, 201530m
Baby Sleep 911, Help! Crib to Bed Transition
May 6 '1530m
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Join Ingrid Prueher, founder of, a certified pediatric and adult sleep and nutrition consultant and host of "Baby Sleep 911" Web TV series, on Wednesday afternoons from 1-1:30 pm EST. Ingrid will answer your child feed and sleep questions so your family can get the rest you all deserve. Call in number is (646) 595-2075, she looks forward to speaking with you soon! Chatting with sleepless families and helping their children to love sleep and bringing on experts to talk about everything parenting! Follow Ingrid on FB at The Baby Sleep Whisperer and on Twitter at @IngridPrueher

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