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Feb 6, 20171h 29m
Jack Moore / Matt McCarthy
Feb 6 '171h 29m
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Hello babies!

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Still staying off social media? We hope so! Feeling like you need to do something? We have some tips for people in blue states/districts who don’t feel like they can do anything. On Chunch Chat, WE HAVE NEW BANCHUNCH NEWS! We have a new Banchunch pic! Martha has blessed us with a sighting of our favorite Fell pony. On Wiki of the Week, we read the page for “Telling the Bees,” a traditional European custom in which bees would be told of important events in their keepers’ lives. Bees get really mad when they’re not updated. We welcome Jack Moore, who tells us an INSANE story about his time spent as an Uber/Lyft driver. On Expert Hour, fake news expert Duane Reade joins us to discuss a very contentious and confusing topic.

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