Aparna Nancherla / Alana Johnston

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Dec 26, 20161h 14m
Aparna Nancherla / Alana Johnston
Dec 26 '161h 14m
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Hello babies! 


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Did you sleep well on your old twin bed at your parents’ house? Or maybe they turned your old room into some sort of multi use office situation and now you’re sleeping on a pull out couch bed? Either way, you’re sleeping in your own bed tonight and that always feels great. On Chunch Chat, Martha must have learned a trick from her friend Snoop Dogg because she’s doing a lot of wrapping! On Wiki of the Week, we read the page for Gef, also known as the Talking Mongoose or Dalby Spook. Nothing I respect more than the integrity required to take a lifelong hoax to the grave with you! We welcome Aparna Nancherla to the show to discuss her history selling Cutco knives. They’re actually great knives! Parenting expert Chandelyne Jean joins us to teach us how to be better parents to however many children we may or may not have. 


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