Episode 14: In the Shallows w/ Graydon Sheppard

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Oct 9, 20181h 50m
Episode 14: In the Shallows w/ Graydon Sheppard
Oct 9 '181h 50m
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Writer/director/performer Graydon Sheppard joins Lara on this week's episode of Babe? and they have A LOT to cover. First, they have to settle some beef regarding their feelings about A Star is Born. Lara reveals she's feuding with a neighbor, and they get into their past successes and their current failures. They end with reader mail which includes a brew story from a reader who used to be FIRMLY anti brew-talk but has since come around to feeling more comfy sharing her brew experiences. A literal miracle. If you're feeling like you need more Babe? in your life, head over to patreon.com/babepodcast for bonus episodes and the Babe? Book Club, or follow Lara on Instagram @larzmarie.

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