STG309: Building a Data Lake for Your Enterprise, ft. Sysco

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Dec 1, 201853m
STG309: Building a Data Lake for Your Enterprise, ft. Sysco
Dec 1 '1853m
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Data lakes are transforming the way enterprises store, analyze, and learn insights from their data. While data lakes are a relatively new concept, many enterprises have already generated significant business value from the insights gleaned. In this session, AWS experts and technology leaders from Sysco, a Fortune 50 company and leader in food distribution and marketing, explain why Sysco decided to evolve its data management capabilities to include data lakes and how they customized them to support diverse querying capabilities and data science use cases. They also discuss how to architect different aspects of a data lake-ingestion from disparate sources, data consumption, and usability layers-and how to track data ingestion and consumption, monitor associated costs, enforce wanted levels of user access, manage data file formats, synchronize production and non-production environments, and maintain data integrity. Services to be discussed include Amazon S3 and S3 Select, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, Amazon EC2, and Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

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