DVC306: Serverless: It All Started in Vegas

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Dec 1, 201843m
DVC306: Serverless: It All Started in Vegas
Dec 1 '1843m
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This talk dives into Trustpilot's journey to serverless compute. The journey starts at re:Invent 2016 and follows how the company fast-tracked its adoption within its engineering organization using a "serverless first" engineering principle. A representative from Trustpilot shares lessons learned and insights gained from running over 200 AWS Lambda functions with 12M invocations/day in production. Also covered are fun stories of what helped the company adopt serverless, how to make those stories actionable, a review of architectural patterns, and a discussion of why they choose serverless over traditional compute every day. This session is part of re:Invent Developer Community Day, a series led by AWS enthusiasts who share firsthand technical insights on trending topics.

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