ANT328: How Instacart's Catalog Flourished While Hyper-Growing

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Dec 1, 201852m
ANT328: How Instacart's Catalog Flourished While Hyper-Growing
Dec 1 '1852m
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In this session, we learn how Instacart reimagined its catalog data processing pipeline to utilize Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. Instacart grew from a hand-entered catalog to one that processes billions of data points daily. Keeping pace with customer demand prompted Instacart to take an entirely new approach to addressing the unique challenges of grocery catalog curation. Through Snowflake's unique architecture, which separates compute from storage, Instacart has increased their ability to quickly scale while improving the accuracy, traceability, and quality of their reporting. In turn, better information leads to offering more customized grocery catalog options that delight their customers. This session is brought to you by AWS partner, Snowflake Computing.

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