Oct 3, 20131h 27m
Episode #14: Series Wrap-Up
Oct 3 '131h 27m
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It's the final episode of Avenging Angels! For their big finale, Andrew and Charlie spend an hour and a half looking back over Dexter as a whole. They go season-by-season through the series and figure out what it did right and where it went wrong. They then rank each season from worst to best so you know which ones to check out if you decide to watch the show. Is there anything good to say about Seasons 5, 6 and 8? Were there indications things would turn out the way they did way back in Season 2? How much does the final season retroactively ruin what came before it? Tune in to find out.


0:28 - Intro and recap
3:30 - Season 1
15:34 - Season 2
24:46 - Season 3
32:45 - Season 4
44:35 - Season 5
53:32 - Season 6
1:02:00 - Season 7
1:15:48 - Ranking the seasons from worst to best
1:25:42 - Show close

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