Sep 19, 20131h 10m
Episode #12: Monkey In A Box
Sep 19 '131h 10m
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It's the penultimate episode of Dexter! This has been a pretty bonkers season, but things seem to be building to a big finish. Why is everyone so awful at hiding Hannah? Is Dexter's moral epiphany a satisfying one? Does Deb's arc fully work considering everything she's been through? And what's up with that bizarre climactic scene? Tune in to find out.


0:28 - Intro and clip
6:21 - General thoughts
8:52 - Dexter at Vogel's crime scene
12:32 - Batista's farewell toast
14:34 - Hannah is still awful at remaining hidden
17:42 - Quinn needs a restraining order, is terrible at interrogations
22:22 - Dexter has a moral epiphany
25:44 - Oliver as an interesting villain not properly developed
33:10 - Deb and color symbolism
34:32 - A small Easter egg, the show gaining momentum
38:00 - Deb is now totally on Dexter's side; twisted morality
50:21 - The bizarre climactic scene
1:00:53 - A lack of moral consequences, thoughts on how the series might end
1:06:43 - Ghost Harry is gone!
1:08:39 - Show close

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