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Episode #11: Goodbye Miami
Sep 13 '1358m
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There are only a few more episodes left of Dexter. Are things building towards a satisfying conclusion? In this episode, Andrew and Charlie discuss the tenth episode of the final season, "Goodbye Miami." Is Harrison's accident a compelling way to move the plot forward, or just hilarious? Is Ghost Harry to blame for Vogel's death? And does this episode contain the show's most awkward crime scene yet? Tune in to find out.


0:28 - Intro and clip
5:45 - General thoughts
11:26 - Harrison tries to work out
18:19 - Most awkward crime scene ever?
24:37 - Deb and Quinn are back together
30:14 - Vogel and Daniel's dynamic
37:33 - Character motivations
41:08 - The problem with Vogel's death
46:50 - Ghost Harry, Dexter's voicemail message, closing thoughts
56:38 - Show close

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