Episode #10: Make Your Own Kind of Music

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Aug 29, 20131h 3m
Episode #10: Make Your Own Kind of Music
Aug 29 '131h 3m
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In this episode, Andrew and Charlie discuss whether "Make Your Own Kind of Music," the ninth episode of Dexter's final season, fixes some of its flaws. A lot of things are revealed, including the (supposedly) true identity of the Brain Surgeon and his relationship to Dr. Vogel. But is it satisfying? Is this really the whole story? And just what is Kenny Johnson doing here, anyway? Tune in to find out.


0:28 - Intro and clip
4:48 - General thoughts
10:00 - Kenny Johnson tracks down Hannah
18:45 - As bad as Season 6?
31:00 - Big revelations about Vogel and the Brain Surgeon
39:57 - Deb and Quinn
41:31 - Darri Ingolfsson's performance and the most ridiculous crime scene ever
48:14 - This season is frustrating
53:45 - He wants to kill her? Wait...
56:40 - Crazy theories
1:01:37 - Show close

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