Crims in Grass Castles: The Calabrian Mafia in Australia - #6

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Apr 19, 201739m | se1 : e7
Crims in Grass Castles: The Calabrian Mafia in Australia - #6
Apr 19 '1739m | se1e7
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Since the 1920s, a town built on rich farming soil around 500kms west of Sydney has been the epicentre of an organised crime network. Yep, there is Mafia in Griffith. But not just any Mafia, Calabrian Mafia. And they're alleged to be responsible for Australia's first political assassination. This week Emily and Meshel are joined by crime writer Keith Moor to talk about the Calabrian HQ here in Australia, the many disappearances that have occurred over the years, and what happened when Keith went into town to investigate.
Show notes:
Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb
With thanks to Keith Moor
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