Jeff Fromm - Researching Gen Y and Gen Z | Ep. 05

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Jun 21, 201820m
Jeff Fromm - Researching Gen Y and Gen Z | Ep. 05
Jun 21 '1820m
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Today on Audible Insights we're talking to Jeff Fromm, a subject matter expert and professional speaker on consumer trends, marketing and innovation. He has keynoted over 500 times all over the world – well not Antarctica. 

He is a contributing writer for Forbes and co-author of three books: “Marketing to Millennials,” “Millennials with Kids” as well as “Marketing to Gen Z.”

Jeff is president of FutureCast, a consumer trends consultancy that is a division of ad agency Barkley. While others talk about trends, Jeff and his partners are applying trends to create marketing and innovation best practices.  His humorous stories and provocative new strategy paradigms are supported by hard research and real client profit growth.

Jeff has more than 25 years of brand marketing consulting experience.  He serves on the Board of Directors at Three Dog Bakery and Tickets for Less.

Jeff graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and attended The London School of Economics.

[1:50] How market researchers and brands can best engage with Millennials.

[4:02] How Millennials are changing as they age.

[4:49] The main differences between Gen Z & Millennials – Why Gen Z is a major challenge for brands.

[9:10] Advice for market researchers to get opinions of the younger generations.

[13:20] Larger brands don’t control the message – it’s co-created and driven by the experience.

[16:25] The most surprising findings in Jeff’s research of Gen Z.


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