Eileen Campbell - Research For The CMO | Ep. 02

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Apr 20, 201823m
Eileen Campbell - Research For The CMO | Ep. 02
Apr 20 '1823m
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Eileen Campbell joined IMAX in July 2013 as Chief Marketing Officer. Previously, from 2007 to 2013, Eileen was the Global Chief Executive Officer for the brand building consulting agency, Millward Brown, and held various other executive positions at Millward Brown from 2000 to 2007. Prior to that, she led Angus Reid Group’s market research and global expansion. Eileen was employed at NFO Research from 1979 to 1996, most recently as Senior Vice President. She served as Chair of CASRO in 2007.

0:30 – Getting to know Eileen.

1:50 – The transition from market research exec to CMO at a big brand.

2:46 – What MR agencies can do to better connect with CMOs and their client’s marketing dept.

4:35 – What surprised you most when you moved into the CMO chair?

5:58 – A different perspective of MR as a CMO.

6:41 – Don’t allow a credibility gap form between what your salespeople are promising and what you can deliver.

7:21 – Where the best opportunities are for market research to impress.

9:28 – Key trends and issues researchers need to focus on now.

10:20 – Thoughts on sample quality.

11:50 – The single best predictive tool at IMAX.

14:27 – Advice for smaller and mid-sized MR agencies.

17:35 – Helping companies understand and overcome gender bias.

19:35 – How to better engage young workers in research.


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