04IconicLandscapes07Red Rocks

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Nov 13, 20181m
04IconicLandscapes07Red Rocks
Nov 13 '181m
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Once labeled one of the 7 wonders of the world, Red Rocks amphitheater stands at an elevation of 6450 feet, which is 1200 feet higher than the city of Denver. The amphitheater gets its name from its iconic reddish hue, which is caused by the oxidizing minerals within the sandstone walls. This enchanting venue is made up of two three hundred-foot monuments named Creation Rock and Ship Rock. These giant slabs of sandstone rose out of the ground during the late cretaceous period over the course of 15 million years during the tectonic event named “Laramide Orogeny”, which also caused the rise of the Rocky Mountains. During the early cretaceous period, Colorado was completely engulfed by a swampy sea. Fossils of the aquatic dinosaurs The Plesiosaur and the mosasaur have been found imbedded in the walls of the amphitheater, and the park around it, showing evidence for this watery chapter in Colorado’s history. Likewise, roughly 2 miles north of the amphitheater is where you can find the remnants of a prehistoric alluvial fan known as Dinosaur ridge, where dinosaurs from the Jurassic period pressed their tracks into the loose sediment before it got the chance hardened. Today, Red Rocks is used as a venue for artists to perform their music. The amphitheatre creates perfect acoustics for sound to resonate throughout the venue.

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