Prophecy Update 2012 (G-190) by Brett Meador

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Dec 31, 20121h 59m
Prophecy Update 2012 (G-190) by Brett Meador
Dec 31 '121h 59m
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For this year's Prophecy Update we took an in-depth look at what is happening globally in connection with Bible prophecy, specifically related to the End Times. The study encompassed four main sections, starting with a look at Israel and why it is so important and central to Bible prophecy. The study continued by looking at prophecies of Israel related to Syria, Egypt, and Gaza. We closed out looking at an obscure prophecy from Isaiah 9:10 and a look at our nation and the pride that we are called to repent from. The night closed with an exhortation from Hebrews 12:5-15 that reminded us that God disciplines those whom He loves. We have also created a PDF of the slides for the presentation for your use in taking notes and study:

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