Exceptional Marriage w/ the Gleasons

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Mar 8, 20131h 1m
Exceptional Marriage w/ the Gleasons
Mar 8 '131h 1m
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Tonight we are talking with Brian and Marcia Gleason founders of www.ExceptionalMarriage.com. We'll be exploring relationships as a wisdom path, tools for having an exceptional marriage, and more.  If you are in a relationship, or hope to have one, this exceptional couple have lots ot share. Former stand-up comic turned healer and coach, Rebekah Beneteau, will answer all callers with her signature style of straight talk, humor and radical acceptance.  No topic is taboo and creating your unique ideal life is the goal. Our mission? To create a world-wide community of turned-on, gratified women and the men who love them. Check out our live playshops and coaching programs at WiseWildFeminine. Join us on our weekly broadcast, Thursdays at 8:30 pm EST.

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