Inside the 'Intellectual Dark Web'

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Jun 13, 201844m
Inside the 'Intellectual Dark Web'
Jun 13 '1844m
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Commentator Douglas Murray, journalist Bari Weiss and writer Ed Husain join Philip Dodd to explore the 'Intellectual Dark Web'. Their YouTube videos and podcasts receive millions of views and downloads. They sell out theatres across the US. But these aren't rock stars or the latest pop sensation. They are a collection of public intellectuals, scientists, political columnists, and stand up-comedians who are at the front line of the raging 'culture wars'. As two of its leading figures, neuroscience Sam Harris and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, prepare for a UK tour, Philip Dodd finds out more about this popular movement. The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray is out now. The House of Islam: A Global History by Ed Husain is out now. Producer: Craig Templeton Smith.

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