#83: Dave Elitch X Justin Hopkins X Yoshino - "A Compulsion For Knowledge And Exploration"

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Oct 31, 20171h 25m
#83: Dave Elitch X Justin Hopkins X Yoshino - "A Compulsion For Knowledge And Exploration"
Oct 31 '171h 25m
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Dave Elitch first garnered attention with his band Daughters of Mara’s debut album “I am Destroyer” in 2007, but his time touring with the American progressive rock band The Mars Volta in 2009-2010 is what really put him on the map. He has since worked with Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, M83, The 1975, Juliette Lewis, Big Black Delta, as well as many others. He is a regular in the LA session scene, including performing on various records, syncs and film scores for major motion pictures, (most recently “Trolls” and “Logan.”) In addition to playing, he also conducts master-class lectures worldwide and keeps a busy private teaching practice in Los Angeles where he has developed a reputation as THE technique/body mechanic specialist who has helped many of the industries top players as well as educators.

“Ever since I decided that I was going to be a drummer, I wanted to be the best I could possibly be, and I put all my faculties toward that. Eventually that can take a toll, so I kind of hit a wall and needed a break. I’ve always had an appreciation for art, and luckily where I live in LA there are all these rad galleries – the Getty, the Hammer, Thinkspace, C.A.V.E., Giant Robot – so I frequent those. I get a different vantage point on the creative experience. I started getting inspired by documentaries about artists, like The Radiant Child about Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rivers and Tides about Andy Goldsworthy, the Gerhard Richter documentary Painting, Francis Bacon movies on YouTube… It’s just such a fascinating take on making sense of the world around you. Plus, I’ve dedicated my life to knowing all there is to know about drums, and I’m expected to know everything, With art, I can just go from my gut, so there’s a huge sense of freedom and escape for me there.”Dave Elitch

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The pitfalls of formalized education
  • The realities of being a musician
  • Over exposure of art through technology
  • Distractions of social media
  • How Dave became a professional drummer
  • Andy Goldsworthy “Rivers and Tides”
  • Drawing similarities and differences between his approach to music and his approach to art
  • The compulsion for knowledge and exploring
  • Understanding the veil of perception
  • Creative adaptability
  • Spirituality in art
  • Breaking free of systematic thinking
  • Branding within the art world
  • The ripple effect of art and commerce interacting with each other


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