53: Story Supply Co πŸ“˜

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Nov 1, 201848m
53: Story Supply Co πŸ“˜
Nov 1 '1848m
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Ana interviews Vito Grippi and Gabe Dunmire, the co-founders of Story Supply Co, and we announce our Patreon.

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​​​​Vito and Gabe are the two guys behind Story Supply. The paper in their notebooks works well with various art supplies and fountain pens.​​

​​​​Something not discussed in the interviews, but can be read about on the Story Supply website is that they give away free sketchbooks and sketch kits to schools in their area which have either low or no budget for art materials.

###ASP Throwback
Mike Hawthorne, lead artist on Marvel’s Deadpool at the time of his ASP interview, designed a sketchbook for Story Supply. Mike was a guest on Art Supply Posse #27​​, chatting about pencils and other art supplies. Explicitly Mike Hawthorne

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