050 | Grace & Freedom

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Jun 3, 201828m | se1 : e51
050 | Grace & Freedom
Jun 3 '1828m | se1e51
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This week we chat about Grace and Freedom! These are some of our favourite words and topics, so when Lauren Osborne, one of our awesome listeners asked us to unpack these ideas as a podcast, we jumped at the chance.  We talk about what is Grace to us, that it is something we can extend to ourselves and others. How we are all a work in progress, that it is function over perfection and that it is honesty over unreal expectations.  We chat about what Freedom means to us, that it is throwing off the shackles that clutter puts on us. When we live in a decluttered home we have freedom of time, freedom with money and freedom to create. We would love to hear what the concepts Grace and Freedom mean to you so make sure you come over to the Facebook page and share your ideas with us.  Big shout out again to Lauren Osborne for this great topic idea!
Things mentioned in this episode: 
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