Jun 28, 201729m | se1 : e3
002 | Wardrobes
Jun 28 '1729m | se1e3
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Do you spend time you don't have standing in front of your wardrobe trying to find a top that fits? Does your washing sit around in baskets because there just isn't room in the drawers or in your wardrobe? 

Have you ever come home from shopping at the sales and wondered how you ended up buying clothes you really didn't need? Have you ever wondered how you can shop ethically and without wastage?
From their years of experience, Kirsty & Amy share their experiences around decluttering and organising your wardrobe.
SHOWNOTES: (here are any links we chatted about during this podcast)
Kirsty's Website: www.feelslikehome.net.au
Amy's Website: www.simplyorganised.net
Art of Decluttering Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/artofdecluttering

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