NFL ATL: Franchise taggin', 49ers drama

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Mar 4, 201447m
NFL ATL: Franchise taggin', 49ers drama
Mar 4 '1447m
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A room full of heroes -- Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling -- analyzes Monday’s deadline to tag franchise players, breaking down which deals were surprising, who was snubbed and the implications of using the less-noted transition tag.  Elsewhere, the gang sorts through all the news out of San Francisco, where the 49ers re-signed wide receiver Anquan Boldin. However, the Niners might find it a distinctly more difficult prospect to keep some other faces of the franchise happily under contract.  Could coach Jim Harbaugh be on the way out?  How much money does Colin Kaepernick want to stay?  Is either story as exciting as the heroes' suggestions for a new extra point system?  Find out on the brand new “Around The League Podcast” and join the conversation on Twitter: @NFL_ATL or #NFLATL.

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