<em>Brigadoon</em>, Awakened Once Again

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Jul 16, 20143m
<em>Brigadoon</em>, Awakened Once Again
Jul 16 '143m
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The title of Brigadoon, the 1947 musical by Lerner and Lowe, refers to a mythical Scottish town that appears for only a single day every 100 years. Though not quite as seldom seen as the town, Brigadoon the musical — the first hit by the team that later created the legendary shows My Fair Lady and Camelot — hasn’t had a Broadway revival in more than three decades. But it has been given a big new production, now extended through Aug. 17, at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre.

The show is directed and choreographed by Rachel Rockwell with a revised book by Brian Hill. New York Times theater critic Charles Isherwood went to see it and lets us know whether Brigadoon — the show — deserves to be so elusive.

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