Adulterers Flirting with the World Beyond

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Sep 4, 20133m
Adulterers Flirting with the World Beyond
Sep 4 '133m
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"The Cheaters Club" is the latest production from The Amoralists, a downtown theater group self-described as producing “work of no moral judgment.”

The company may be standoffish about right and wrong, but it is firmly committed, in this production at least, to actors. There are 26 people in the cast. The play, written and directed by Derek Ahonen, is billed as “A Savannah Ghost Story.” Ticket buyers are warned of the production’s use of “strobe effects, gunshots, herbal cigarettes and haze.” A large cast, a gothic setting and special effects are all part of “The Cheaters Club,” but what do these elements add up to?

New York Times theater critic Charles Isherwood offers a review.

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