(16) Continued Spring 2019 Anime Impressions

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Jun 11, 201939m
(16) Continued Spring 2019 Anime Impressions
Jun 1139m
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Episode Notes

Welcome back to Anime Dropouts, and today's podcast covers spring 2019 anime (Until around episode 9), and we're enjoying a lot of the shows! A bit critical of Kimetsu no Yaiba story-wise since the animation and visuals are so stellar, and I really think Carol and Tuesday will be extremely popular once it's out on Netflix. One Punch Man still feels very lukewarm, but the high points are still there in the humor and story. Attack on Titan is hype as fuck.

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Shows Mentioned

  1. Rising of the Shield Hero
  2. Dororo
  3. Carole & Tuesday
  4. One Punch Man Season 2
  5. Kimetsu No Yaiba

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