164 The Jungle Book 2 - Good on You, Lawyers
Jan 12 '1858m | se6e164
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Can you hear the "jungle rhythm?" Morgan and Chelsea go wild and review The Jungle Book 2. Highlights Nerdy Couch Discussion: What are some direct-to-video Disney releases that you could send to theaters? Main discussion: The Jungle Book 2 (2003) Voice cast discussion "Boy bands are really big right now." Where is King Louie? Good on you, lawyers. Bagheera's untold story How many pits of lava are there in India? The plan for The Jungle Book 3 that was cut. We rate it! Voicemail: Alex, Sol, Lauren, and Ryan Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimationAddicts and #AnimationAddicts164 when talking about this episode on Twitter! Runtime: 00:53:12, 77.7 MB Links Watch The Jungle Book 2: Blu-ray | DVD | Digital | Rent Buy The Jungle Book 2 soundtrack: CD Support the Show! Patreon Store Audible Shop on Amazon: USA: rotoscopers.com/amazon Canada: rotoscopers.com/amazonca UK: rotoscopers.com/amazonuk France: rotoscopers.com/amazonfr Germany: rotoscopers.com/amazonde Italy: rotoscopers.com/amazonit Spain: rotoscopers.com/amazones Find The Rotoscopers Find us on the web: Rotoscopers.com, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr & Instagram Voicemail: rotoscopers.com/voicemails or call (406) 646-6575. Email newsletter Find The Hosts Morgan Stradling: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Chelsea Robson: Website, Instagram, & Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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