075 Quest for Camelot - Draw That Axe in a Chicken Suit
Sep 12 '141h 28m | se3e75
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The Rotoscopers head back to medieval times to discover King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and a really bizarre movie, Quest for Camelot. Highlights Main Discussion: Quest for Camelot (1998) Morgan has faint memories of seeing this with Chelsea, but...remembers nothing of the film. The movie poster turned Morgan off. This is an example of what happens when oblivious executives meddle in a film. The music suffers. What is it trying to be? Serious? Comical? A musical? Gandondorf aka Ruber: "Now all of Hyrule knows you are here." Garett: He has a bird companion who is not evil! The conjoined twin dragons are the worst part of this film. Why the goofy, obnoxious song? Why do animated films feel the need to dumb it down? What we (and our Twitter followers)would have done to make this movie better. Voicemail & emails: Jaclyn, Vishal, Joshua, Dan, Holly, Phoebe, Kristopher, Karifa. Don't forget to buy the Rotoscopers T-shirt! Runtime: 1:27:49, 22.0 MB Links Watch Quest for Camelot: DVD | Digital | Rent | iTunes Buy Quest for Camelot soundtrack: Amazon | iTunes Rotoscopers T-shirt Mason's The Art of John Alvin book review Bryan White's new album Shine: Amazon | iTunes Jaclyn Cullen's San Diego Comic Con cosplay Find The Rotoscopers Questions, comments, suggestions? Send us an email at contact@rotoscopers.com. Send us a voicemail at rotoscopers.com/voicemail or call (406) 646-6575. Find us on the web: Rotoscopers.com, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Hypable & Animated Views. Visit our sponsors: Audible, Amazon. Where To Find The Hosts Mason Smith: This Animated Life Blog; Twitter Morgan Stradling: Twitter, Instagram Chelsea Robson: Twitter, Facebook Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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