037 Tinker Bell - They're Breaking Canon
May 6 '1349m | se2e37
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Morgan and Chelsea are flying solo as they discuss DisneyToon Studios' first installment in the Tinker Bell franchise--Tinker Bell (the one with the green cover)! Join the fun as they discuss Tinker Bell's origins and first movie! Highlights: ■ Where's the news? ■ Main Discussion: Tinker Bell. ■ Movie's origins and general thoughts. ■ The history and evolution of Tinker Bell; what's a tinker? (Buy the book "Tinker Bell: An Evolution" on Amazon.com) ■ The music, celtic feeling, birth of fairies, Tinker Bell's "power". ■ Tinker fairies = the nerds; all the groups had "cool girl" representatives except for the Tinkers. ■ Monsters University and Tinker Bell breaking canon. ■ Vidia = superstar, brat fairy. ■ Is fairy romance a thing? ■ Recommended awesome podcast tangent: Talkin' Toons with Rob Paulsen; he voices everything (Bubble, Yakko, Pinky, PJ) , you can't un-hear him. ■ What kind of fairy would you be? ■ Tinker Bell creates her iconic green tube top dress. ■ Terrance--the token guy fairy--played by Jesse McCartney. ■ Tinkers don't go to the mainland; spring fairy musicians; Queen has bad form & bad leadership skills. ■ Audible rant (Queen Clarion needs to read these book) ■ Moral of specialization and industrialization. ■ Morgan's professional voice actor rant. ■ Final thoughts: great story, love the origin story, went in wanting to hate it but secretly wanting to love it. ■ Check out Hypable's new podcast Hype, great place to hear news for what's hip and awesome in the world. Runtime: 48:29, 24.7 MB Where to Find Us: ■ Find us on the web: therotoscopers.com, twitter, facebook, YouTube, tumblr, hypable & Animated Views ■ Mason Smith: This Animated Life Blog, Twitter ■ Chelsea Robson: Facebook, Twitter ■ Morgan Stradling: Twitter, Instagram ■ Visit our sponsors: Netflix, Audible, Amazon ■ Questions, comments, suggestions? Send us an email at therotoscopers@gmail.com ■ Send us a voicemail at therotoscopers.com/voicemail Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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