010 Wreck-It Ralph Test Screening
May 14 '1239m | se1e10
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Morgan and Chelsea stumble upon an opportunity to see a test screening Disney's upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph and share their thoughts. **Mostly spoiler free, but don't listen if you don't want to know too much about the film before it's released in November.*** Highlights: ■ What do we already know about Wreck-It Ralph? ■ Q: How did you get these tickets? A: LUCK! ■ Unfinished product: shows the different stages of production ■ Best moments: various video game cameos, Bad-Anon support group ■ Will you like it if you're not a gamer? ■ Ralph's main dilemna and motivation in the film ■ Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush and Game Central Station ■ They needed a Sideshow Bob rake moment at the end ■ Characters and voice actors ■ Did it feel like a Disney movie? ■ Toy Story with video games ■ We rated it "Very Good" ★★★★ ■ Surprise appearance by John Lasseter and other Disney guys ■ Would we see this movie in theatres in November? ■ CONTEST: Review us on iTunes for a chance to win "The Art of Brave" book. To enter: take a screenshot of your written review and email it to us at therotoscopers@gmail.com ■ Bloopers: Morgan just can't get Chelsea's name right.... Runtime: 0:35:24, 17.0 MB Where to Find Us: ■ Find us on the web: therotoscopers.com, twitter, facebook, YouTube, tumblr, hypable & Animated Views ■ Mason Smith: This Animated Life Blog, Twitter ■ Chelsea Robson: Facebook, Twitter ■ Morgan Stradling: Twitter, Instagram ■ Visit our sponsors: Netflix, Audible, Amazon ■ Questions, comments, suggestions? Send us an email at therotoscopers@gmail.com ■ Send us a voicemail at therotoscopers.com/voicemail Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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