Jan 10, 201941m | se5 : e2
Geoff Mueller - Behind the Words
Jan 1041m | se5e2
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You’ve probably seen Geoff Mueller’s name printed below a thought-provoking essay somewhere in a magazine or industry publication, but what you might not realise is that Geoff’s influence stems far beyond his own articles. Geoff is the senior editor of The Drake magazine and is a copy-writer for over a dozen brands you’ve most likely heard of.  

Geoff began his career in BC’s newspaper circuit before becoming a managing editor at Fly Fisherman Magazine. In 2010 he took on a job with Tom Bie at The Drake magazine where is still working today. 

On this episode of Anchored I sit down with Geoff to discuss how he got involved in the industry, pushing people’s buttons, and if we’re loving our rivers to death.

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