Carl McNeil – Epic glass rods, Swift

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Mar 4, 20151h 9m | se1 : e5
Carl McNeil – Epic glass rods, Swift
Mar 4 '151h 9m | se1e5
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Carl McNeil is a man who’s full of surprises. Whether he means to or not, he seems to almost always find a way to break industry norms. From his custom line of beautifully-crafted Epic fiberglass rods, to his cutting edge casting DVD’s (Casts that Catch Fish), and even the production/writing/narration of several engaging documentaries (including the award winning, Once in a Blue Moon and Itu’s Bones), Carl seems to always have a surprise up his sleeve. What’s so astounding, is that he manages such entrepreneurism from a tiny village near the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island. Quite literally, he is causing a stir from the most remote corner of the world.

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