Aug 2 '19
Rating:   4
Ruined by far-left drivel

As an American listening in German to a program about America for Germans, it’s interesting to hear how some facet of our culture or history could be explained to foreigners who have a completely different cultural and historical background.Initial episodes could be hit or miss, but there were some interesting things to be learned, both about America and about Germany.I skipped ahead, though, to the latest episode on American Concentration Camps, during which it quickly became evident that Travis has drunk very deeply of the left’s Kool-Aid. Reading reviews of another of his podcasts leads me to believe that I’m not the only one to think so.Although there were a number of factual errors in his comments, I’d had enough when he likened ICE agents to the Gestapo or SS, and claimed that our border agents don’t even have a reason to exist. Americana für Euch is a nice idea; using it as a platform for left-wing drivel not so much.

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Jul 26 '17
Rating:   10
very good

Love these guy's podcasts - I've been studying german for reading for some time now and use this as well as some of their other work to practice my german - thanks as always

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