Outrage grows over reports of migrant children housed inhumanely

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Jun 23, 20191h 28m
Outrage grows over reports of migrant children housed inhumanely
Jun 231h 28m
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Reports that the Trump administration is continuing to separate migrant children from their families, then housing these minors under what many describe as inhumane conditions, are leading to greater calls for leaders to address the crisis at the southern border now. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. And: Tensions between America and Iran have increased recently, many believe due in part to Donald Trump pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal. Journalist Mehdi Hasan joins AM JOY to discuss. Plus: Joe Biden was critiqued by many Democrats after he refused to apologize for citing his work with segregationists in the Senate as an example of political civility. Will this divide the party? Then: This week a prominent advice columnist became the sixteenth woman to accuse Donald Trump of either sexual assault or inappropriate sexual contact, accusations the president denies. Joy Reid is joined by journalist E. Jean Carroll on her allegations, also detailed in her new book, ‘What Do We Need Men For?: A Modest Proposal.’ Next: Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stirred controversy this week after calling the facilities housing migrant children ‘concentration camps.’ Joy Reid and her panel discuss this and the chilling reports detailing allegedly squalid conditions in these facilities. All this and more in this Sunday edition of AM JOY on MSNBC.

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