Financial Survival Tools with Hollis Colquhoun

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Jun 15, 201129m
Financial Survival Tools with Hollis Colquhoun
Jun 15 '1129m
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Hollis Colquhoun was one of the first female institutional traders on Wall Street, is an Accredited Financial Counselor, co-author of the Amazon Bestseller "Design Your New Life Before You Divorce". She's been practicing martial arts for the last 17 years and holds black belts in Karate and Tae Kwon Do.   Hollis is passionate about financially educating adults of all ages but especially women and young adults. She has 6 years experience as an Accredited Financial Counselor and she has written articles for More Magazine, MSN Today, Technorati, the Examiner and a host of other online sites. Hollis also has a weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio's Diva Toolbox Network titled "Wednesday Afternoon F.E.S.T." - the FEST stands for Financial Education and Survival Training. In a nutshell, Hollis is dedicated to teaching personal and financial self-defense techniques.   Stay connected to Hollis Colquhoun: Facebook - financialsurvivaltools Twitter - @womenandfinance Website -

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