Ep. 162 - Human Design + Deconditioning To Find Yourself with Jenna Zoe

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Nov 1, 20181h 25m
Ep. 162 - Human Design + Deconditioning To Find Yourself with Jenna Zoe
Nov 1 '181h 25m
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Our girl, Jenna Zoe, joins us today to dig even deeper into Human Design. Jenna first introduced us to this work and has since become a dear friend and guide aswe are constantly learning more about ourselves and those close to us. In today’s episode, we have a little refresher in what Human Design is, as well as deconditioning yourself to move more towards the life you were meant to lead. Jenna also shares how you should use the Human Design and astrology tools in your life, connecting people’s design with their personal qualities and characteristics, and ways you can read your own chart. Plus, we both share a little more about our Human Design - Lindsey is a Manifesting Generator, Krista is a Projector - and how understanding it has helped us so much in connecting more as business partners and best friends. Jenna has a grounded approach to Human Design that allows us to process it and use it to uplevel ourselves, and in the world around us.


We also talk about...

  • How Jenna got into Human Design
  • The 5 types of Human Design
  • All of the offerings that Jenna now has
  • Aliens and technology
  • Questions from #ALMOST30NATION
  • What’s next for Jenna


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