Ep. 142 - What is White Privilege? Waking Up to Our Unconscious Biases with Thais Sky

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Aug 23, 20181h 31m
Ep. 142 - What is White Privilege? Waking Up to Our Unconscious Biases with Thais Sky
Aug 23 '181h 31m
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Thais Sky is a truth speaker, healer, women's coach, and feminist on a heart-led mission to have important conversations at the intersection of feminism + spirituality, and today she’s re-joining Lindsey + Krista to once again tackle some really big questions: How can we begin to dismantle our unconscious biases?  How can we all be better allies to one another? And how can we provide a safe space for more conversations like these?


We are constantly striving to evolve ourselves and this show by bringing more diverse voices into the conversation –as always, we are learning right along with you all.  So thank you for being to open and vulnerable


This episode includes…


  • Opportunities for growth
  • Being addicted to our shitty thoughts + shitty people
  • Trying not to compartmentalize our own spirituality
  • Feeling unworthy of your own self-care
  • We can't show up for others if we’re not showing up for ourselves.
  • Everything is about power dynamics
  • The governmental + societal systems that keep certain groups of people oppressed
  • How white women contribute to + benefit from racism
  • How we can REALLY educate ourselves about systematic oppression + privilege
  • If you don’t look at a wound, if you don’t take care of it, it’s going to get worse
  • As privileged white girls, what is our place in the conversation?
  • With privilege comes responsibility
  • Living in an emotionally illiterate culture
  • “You can’t love other people until you love yourself” sounds really nice – but that’s not necessarily the case!
  • How to avoid tokenizing people of color
  • When people say they’re “color blind”
  • People need to do this work imperfectly (because perfect just isn’t going to happen)
  • Deciding what kind of legacy we want to leave


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